India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Ep 23

India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Boogie LLB Dance, Written Update, Full Episode, IBD Season 3 Ep 23

India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Full Episode Written Update, IBD Season 3 Episode 23, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, IBD 3 Choreographers, Voting, India’s Best Dancer Season 3 Full Episode watch online on SonyLiv.

The show is running with high TRP on television. It is a unique and amazing dance reality show. It is produced by Frames Production India. Next, the show airs on Sony Entertainment TV and is also available through the Sony Liv OTT platform.

This show got a good following among the fans. Contestants came to show off their skills to the public. They want to realize their dream to participate in this show. We will try to cover all the details in India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Full Episode Naya Daur Challenge Hardcore.

India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Written Update, Boogie LLB Dance, Full Episode

The 24 June 2023 episode of today’s India’s Best Dancer Season 3 begins with the ever-charming host Jay Bhanushali welcoming the audience for another episode.

Jay announced the introduction of “Naya Daur Challenge Hardcore” which will include changes in the style of dance and compositions while Terrace explains that it is a new thing that will bring new changes to the contestants. There is no doubt that the performers leave a significant mark in front of the three judges and make them wonder.


Akshay Bal, who was the first contestant to perform in the game, used a modern twist to create an environment with a boyish theme in the song “Chal gaya koi Jaddu”. Sonali said that her new move was unique and exciting as the judges scored 24/30.

Next, to grab the stage is Samparan Lamba, who performed his free-spirited performance based on the theme of love in the song “Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara”.

Terrace praises choreographer Paramdeep for directing Samparan well and comes on stage to hug and congratulate Samparan for overcoming his fears. All in all, the judges give it 28/30.

The word SHIVAM tickles everyone’s ribs

The third contestant Shivam Wankhede graced the stage with his funny blend of classical and modern Indian music in the song “Chatur Naar Badi Hoshiyaar”.

Terrace appreciated that he really set the tone of this funny song with his lyrics and style, while overall they gave it a score of 24/30.

The fourth person who set the stage on fire was Aniket Chauhan, who dressed as a bartender, and filled the scene with his impressive performance in the song “Slow Motion Angreza”. Terrace is growing well and Aniket is making use of every song, but Geeta expects more and the overall is 29/30.


Next up is Himanshu Soni who gave a strong and powerful performance in the song “Ranjhana hua mei Tera” based on Kathak and freestyle mix. It is given 30/30 as Geeta declares that she is perfect from every angle and Terrace runs and dances with her pretending to wear the crown. invisible.

The sixth came, Sushmita Tamang who creates a joyful atmosphere, spinning to the rhythms of “Hawa Hawaii” in the style of Japanese music and dance. Geeta praises her clear speech while Sonali advises her to work on her emotions but overall she gets 29/30.

HansVI lights up the mirror with his powerful performance

The seventh contestant who performed in the race was Hansvi Tonk, who dressed as a goddess and performed well in the song “Maye Bhawani” which earned her 24/30. When it comes to Boogie LLB, who is slow dancing to the song “Yu Shabnami pehle nahi thi Chandani” which takes him 24/30.


The ninth performer was Vipul Kandpal who starred in “Bada pachtaoge” based on the theme of heartbreak and the breaking process. His speech surprised the judges who gave him 26/30.

The final contestant was Anjali, who performed a more energetic version of the Freestyle Kathak fusion dance in the song “Bass ek baar mera kaha”. Terrace calls him and makes him wear the crown while the others silence him, showing him 30/30.

India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Full Episode, IBD Season 3 Episode 23

The latest episode of India’s Best Dancer Season 3 from this weekend 24 June 2023 previews the highly anticipated show as host Jay Bhanushali waves to the audience.

The latest promo for this weekend’s India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 this week’s special theme is Naya Daur Challange Hardcore. This episode will focus on changing dance styles and innovations in the dance industry.

During the episode, the contestants will give performances that highlight their uniqueness and how they plan to enter the next generation. Boogie LLB is receiving rave reviews from the judges for his performance this week as well as a cheering audience.

Another promo for this weekend IBD Season 3 24 June 2023 features a video of the famous Sanu Da performing as a special judge.

To download all episodes of India’s Best Dancer Season 3 or watch the full IBD Season 3 program online today (24-06-2023), visit

India Best Dancer 3 24 June 2023 Full Episode 23, Written Update, Winner, Eliminations Today, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, IBD Seasan 3 Choreographers, Voting, Watch the full show online on SonyLiv.

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