Meri Mishaal

Hamzah Tariq Jamil set to play the leading man in the serial Meri Mishaal

Young actor and renowned lead vocalist for the band ‘Neon’- Hamzah Tariq Jamil is a man of many talents. After garnering critical acclaim with his drama debut ‘Meray Dost Meray Yaar,’ the actor is once again set to impress audiences with his upcoming project ‘Meri Mishaal.’

Playing the role of a hopeless romantic ‘Adeen,’ Hamzah Tariq Jamil will be seen in an entirely new avatar with his infectious on-screen energy.

Directed by Rao Ayaz Shahzad, and produced by Farhan Gauher, ‘Meri Mishaal’ is a story of young love, trust, and heartbreak.

Having just started out in the industry- I make sure to try and take up roles that test my potential as an actor,” stated Hamzah, while talking about his new project. “Meri Mishaal was a fun project to work, and I am really excited for everyone to watch it.”

The drama is expected to air on Aaj Entertainment and Emax TV from next week.

Drama Serial Meri Mishaal OST Title song New Pakistani Drama Aaj Entertainment 2020 Emax TV

Meri Mashaal Drama Story:

Meri Mashaal is a story of a young, beautiful and a lively Girl “Meshaal” who is a die-hard fan and is madly in love with a famous Actor”Mahir Khan” a heartthrob of many young girls due to the image he carries on screen of the King of Romance.

Things get complex as Meshaal when realizes that she can never get Mahir’s love and accepts the proposal of another Guy “Adeen” who loves her, her fantasy turns into reality and she gets to know that “Mahir” the person who she dreams to be with is also in love with her.

Meri Mashaal Cast

Meshaal, Shazeal Shaukat Mahir khan, Arman Ali Pasha Adeen, Hamza Tj Hooriya, Abeer Qureshi Tarannum Apa, Shazia Qaiser Ghazala, Aliya Jamshed Nisar sahab, Suhail khan Gulnaz, Mohsin Wahid

Singer: Rao Ayaz / Anas Maqsood
Director: Rao Ayaz Shahzad Executive
Producer: Farhan Gauher
Composer: Anas Maqsood
DOP: Shehroz Khan
Writer: M Hassan Khan
Music: Anas Maqsood Studio Arrangement/Mix Master: Hamza Ali Lyrics: Anas Onair On Aaj Entertainment & Emax Tv p
Producer: Hashim Iftikhar / Faheem Inayat

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