Why is Hadsa drama banned in Pakistan

Why is Hadsa drama banned in Pakistan

In a recent notification, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), on Wednesday, banned the Har Pal Geo Tv drama Hadsa. The reason behind the ban in response to a complaint from lawyer Khadija Siddiqi. The decision came after concerns were raised that the show’s content was centred around the 2020 motorway gang rape case.

In a statement issued on Twitter by @reportpemra, it has been said that many complaints were received regarding the content of the play from other sources including social media, after which the play has been banned. Imposing an immediate ban on the play ‘Accident’ under Section 27 of the PEMRA Act, the said matter was referred to the Committee Council of Complaints of the institution.

The statement added that the Council of Complaints will take a decision on the drama under PEMRA’s rules and regulations, but till then the drama will remain banned. Its airing was immediately banned.

It is alleged that the story of ‘Accident’ is based on the incident of a woman who was gang-raped after being abducted on a motorway near Lahore in 2020, a claim denied by the makers of the drama. Hadiqa Kiani, who played the main role in the accident, is also facing criticism.

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