Director Nabeel Qureshi announced two films Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad and Fatman. But there was nothing revealed about the cast of the films and we were left wondering. We didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

The young director while speaking to a local media outlet revealed the name of the hero of his upcoming flick Quaid e Azam Zindabad.

Last month, filmmakers Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza announced that they will be releasing two feature films in 2020, under the banner of Filmwala Pictures. One of them is a patriotic film, called Quaid e Azam Zindabad, while the other is a superhero film, titled Fatman.

According to recent reports, Quaid e Azam Zindabad that follows the story of a notorious cop will feature Fahad Mustafa as the protagonist. Fahad is playing a cop character Nabeel confirmed to Instep.

Fahad has earlier starred in multiple films including Na Maloom Afraad 1 and 2, Actor In Law as well as Load Wedding directed and produced by Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza.

Director and scriptwriter Nabeel Qureshi is asked this question all the time. I always know what he will say in reply Fahad Mustafa.

Fahad Mustafa
Fahad Mustafa Play Lead Roal In Quaid e Azam Zindabad

The last time I asked Nabeel this question, he was working with the actor in last year’s Load Wedding. This time, he has just confirmed Fahad as the hero of his upcoming movie, Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad.

The movie is slotted for an Eid ul Azha 2020 release and while the female lead is yet to be confirmed, Fahad is certainly going to be a part of it. He’s a good actor. He works hard. We have a great working relationship. Why does everyone ask me this question laughs Nabeel.

I ask him a new question then Filmwala Pictures, the production company owned by Nabeel and Fizza Ali Meerza has also announced another movie scheduled to release in 2020 Fatman. Will Fahad also be the leading man in this other movie.

Fahad Mustafa
Fahad Mustafa Play Lead Roal In Quaid e Azam Zindabad

We haven’t finalised the cast yet for that movie says Nabeel. It’s more of an entertainer packed with action, drama and comedy reveals Fizza.

The movie is all set to shoot soon. Fahad’s inclusion in a Filmwala Pictures’ project is a no-brainer but it will be interesting to see who the actor’s leading lady turns out to be this time around.


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