Ertugrul Ghazi | Title Song | By by Leo Twins

Famous Turkish Series Drama Ertugrul Ghazi has taken Pakistani Fans by storm. The drama is becoming extremely popular these days.

The Ertugrul Ghazi first episode of the drama is trending number 1 on Youtube. Since PM Imran Khan announced that PTV will be airing Ertugrul dubbed in Urdu, Pakistanis Fan has fallen in love with the show.

Ertugrul Title Song: Cover By Leo Twins

The Etrugrul title song cover by Leo Twins was so soothing, that it attracted attention from Turks as well.

Turkish people absolutely fell in love with the cover of the track, letting Pakistanis know how much they appreciate it on twitter.

Watch Ertugrul Ghazi | Soundtrack | Leo Twins | The Quarantine Sessions | YouTube Video

Earlier this tv series broke all records to become the top tv shows currently being aired and is the most-watched TV show this Ramadan 2020

Overall the historical series setting a new trend in Pakistan. A great initiative by PTV to have brought this masterpiece to Pakistan.

As soon as the first episode of Ertugrul Ghazi went on air, hashtag #ErtugrulUrduPTVstarted trending top on Twitter in Pakistan.

Diriliş Ertuğrul translated as Resurrection Ertugrul, originally aired on TRT TV in 2014 and it concluded with its 5th season in 2019.

According to reports, PTV obtained the broadcast rights of the drama from the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).

The series is based on the life of 13th century Oghuz warrior Ertugrul, pronounced as “air-TU-rule”, the father of Osman Ghazi 1, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Apparently it’s a great move to air Urdu dubbed version of Diriliş Ertuğrul

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