Namak Haram - Namak Haram Episode 23

40MAdded: 04.04.2024

Namak Haram Episode 23 full watch Hum Drama Namak Haram only on Hum tv. Namak Haram Episode 23 aired on 5th Apr 2024. Watch Namak Haram latest episode online on Entertainment Zone, without downloading. 

Namak Haram Episode 23 Full, Hum TV Drama – 5th Apr 2024

It’s time to meet Amin Qureshi, the ruthless enigma brought to life by Babar Ali in ‘Namak Haram.’ Stay tuned for this gripping tale of power and betrayal,

Writer: Saqlain Abbas
Director: Shaqielle Khan
A FARS Entertainment & MD Productions Presentation

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Imran Ashraf
Sarah Khan
Babar Ali
Sunita Marshal
Anika Zulfikar
Mohsin Ejaz
Sajawal Khan
Salma Asim
Nabeela Khan

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