Khudsar - Khudsar Episode 1

40MAdded: 14.04.2024

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Khudsar Episode 1 15th April 2024

Arrogance can ruin lives, including those who are closest to you…

So don’t forget to watch Khudsar – an intriguing tale of how narcissism can create havoc in your life!

About Khudsar Pakistani Drama

TitleKhudsar (2024)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1
Episode Release Date15th April 2024
Episode TimingAt 9:00
On-Air DaysMON to FRI
Running time38-42 minutes
Repeat TelecastTBA
Main CastHumayoun Ashraf, Zubab Rana, Rizwan Ali, Sehar Afzal
DirectorSyed Faisal Bukhari
WriterAsma Sayani
ProductionSix Sigma Plus
ChannelAry Digital
GenresDrama, Family, Love

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