Fairy Tale 2 - Fairy Tale 2 Episode 13

40MAdded: 10.11.2023

Fairy Tale 2 Episode 13 | Sehar Khan | Hamza Sohail | 11 November 2023 | HUM TV

Fairy Tale Season 2 drama story as Umeed lives through her dream of winning the show and fortune from Socho Pakistan, the unexpected turn that her life took, turned out to be her major feat of life, the triumph of love.

Written By: Sarah Majeed
Directed By: Ali Hassan
Presented By: BrookeBond Supreme
Powered By: Glow &Lovely
Associated By: Sunsilk

A Momina Duraid Productions Presentation!


Sehar Khan
Hamza Sohail
Saleem Sheikh
Adnan Raza Mir
Aena Khan
Salma Hasan
Tehseen Wajahat
Hina Rizvi
Saman Ansari
Amna and others

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