Coronavirus: Asim Jofa | to make protective | gear for doctors

Fashion designer Asim Jofa has created special protective equipment for medical staff who continue to work in hospitals to treat patients suffering from COVID-19.

Taking to Instagram the designer posted a video and revealed what the protective suits first fabric prototype looked alike and thanked his entire team for supporting him in this noble cause.

“Our mission is to produce self-protection suits and masks for medical staff and doctors. We want to distribute these free of cost to help them,” said Asim Jofa.

Asim Jofa with his team had taken up the task for this good cause and we are very happy to announce within less than 48 hours.


We have successfully created a final prototype of a medical protective suit made according to the guidelines provided by medical experts and thankfully we have gotten it approved by an esteemed team of Dr. Seemin Jamali, Executive Director at JPMC.

He further adds: ” I and my team have taken an initiative to contribute to society and play our part in helping our front liners to win this fight against coronavirus.

We have started working on stitching protective gear for doctors and medical staff to wear for their safety.

Please share and tag and support us in this noble cause. We appreciate all that our front liners are doing and stand by them in this time of need.”

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