Vin Diesel


Personal Info

  • Born: Mark Sinclair July 18, 1967 Alameda County, California, U.S
  • Height: 5' 11¾" (1.82 m)
  • Occupation: Actor, producer, director, screenwriter
  • Years active: 1990–present
  • Partner(s) Paloma Jimenez (2007–present)
  • Children 3


Mark Sinclair, known as Vin Diesel, is an American actor and producer.

He was born on 18th of July, 1967, in Alameda County, California. Paul Vincent is his fraternal twin brother. He was raised by his mother, Delora Sherleen who is an astrologer/psychologist, and Irving H., his adoptive father.

He himself stated that he never knew his biological father and all that he knows from his mother is he has connections to different cultures. His mother is white and belongs to German, English, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Irving H., his adoptive father is an African-American.

His first acting experience was a chance. When he was seven he and his friends rushed into a theatre with the intent to vandalize it. But a woman stopped them and offered script and $20, with the condition that they would attend every day after school. Vin’s career progressed from the New York repertory company to the Off-Off-Broadway circuit. At the age of seventeen, having a good physique he also started a bouncer job at New York’s hippest clubs. At that time he changed his name to Vin Diesel.

After high school, Vin enrolled as an English major at Hunter College but he was dropped out after three years and went to Hollywood to pursue his career in acting.

In spite of an experienced theatre actor, Vin couldn’t make any impression in Hollywood and after the struggle of a year, he came back to New York.  After his return, his mother gave him a book, Feature Films at Used Car Prices by Rick Schmidt. The book taught him how he could take control of his career and make movies.

Based on his own acting experience he wrote a short film Multi-Facial (1995). The film was shot in less than three days with a budget of $3000. Eventually, the movie was accepted for the Cannes Film Festival 1995 and got a tremendous reception.

Later on, Vin returned to Los Angeles and raised $50000 by telemarketing to fund his first feature film, Strays in 1997. The film was accepted for the 1997 Sundance Film Festival after six months of shooting but didn’t sell as hoped though it received a good reception.

Once again Vin returned disappointed to New York just to receive a dream call. His film Multi-Facial impressed Steven Spielberg and he wanted to meet Vin. This led him to be part of Saving Private Ryan (1998).

Multi-Facial earned Vin more work when Brad Bird saw it and he decided to cast Vin in the title role of his movie The Iron Giant (1999). From this point, Vin’s career steadily grew and has his first lead role, in the sci-fi film Pitch Black (2000). This role has earned him the large audience attention he really deserves and he rose to international fame as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious franchise.

Since then he has appeared in a number of blockbusters including The Pacifier (2005), XXX, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Bloodshot (2020).

He also worked in a low budget drama Find Me Guilty, directed by Sidney Lumet.

Diesel and his partner, Mexican model Paloma Jimenez, have three children: son Vincent Sinclair (born 2010) and two daughters, Hania Riley (born April 2008) and Pauline (born March 2015). He named his daughter Pauline in honor of his Fast & Furious franchise co-star and friend, Paul Walker, who died in an accident November 2013.

Previously he dated Michelle Rodriguez, his Fast and the Furious co-star.

Diesel has a deep voice; he said that his voice broke at the age of 15.

He is the godfather of Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

Vin Diesel’s net worth is $200 Million.


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