Shun Oguri


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  • Height: 6' 0½" (1.84 m)


Shun Oguri is a Japanese actor/voice actor.

Shun Oguri was born on December 26, 1982, in Tokyo, Japan.  His father Tetsuya Oguri, is a stage director. He is the youngest of his 3 siblings. Oguri’s elder brother Ryo is also an actor. He was named Oguri Shun after a fortuneteller predicted a good fortune for the child if his parents chose that name.

Oguri began his acting career in a children’s theater at the age of 11 in 1996. At the age of 13, he debuted in television in NHK drama Hachidai Shogun Yoshimune in 1995. Oguri appeared in Fuji TV drama GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka. Oguri stopped acting to focus on his high school and also in playing baseball. He quit school in 2000 and auditioned for TBS drama Summer Snow, for the role of a deaf person.

Oguri’s performance in Summer Snow highlighted his acting skills and he was considered among the mainstream actors. Oguri’s role as Rui Hanazawa in TBS’s drama Boys Over Flowers was most popular among the young fans.  Oguri did not want to be known just as an attractive face and he played a variety of roles in several films.

Some of his acting credits include Sakuran, Sukiyaki Western Django, Kisaragi, Crows: Episode 0 and Godzilla vs Kong 2020.

Oguri made his direction debut in the feature film Surely Someday in 2010. He started dating Mari Yaguchi in 2004. The couple ended their relationship in 2006.

Shun Oguri married Yu Yamada who is a model and actress, on March 14, 2012. The couple has two children.

Oguri’s net worth is $1 million.


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Godzilla vs Kong 2020