• November 13, 2002
  • San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
  • Female
  • American

Nikki Hahn


The biography of Sofia Nicole Hahn, known as Nikki Hahn is an American actress. Nikki was born on November 13, 2002, in San Antonio. She began her career as a child model at the age of 3 and began working commercially at the age of 4. Soon after, in 2009, Nikki appeared in CSI: Miami as a little girl whose mother was trying to gain her custody, and in NCIS: Los Angeles as a young girl whose uncle was suspected in a murder case. Nikki had small roles in iCarly and Criminal Minds, in 2010. She also starred as a girl whose drug-addicted mother possibly committed suicide, in The Closer. In 2011, Nikki played opposite Teri Polo in the movie We Have Your Husband, whose story is based on the book named, We Have Your Husband: One Woman’s Terrifying Story of a Kidnapping in Mexico by Jayne Garcia Valseca and Mark Ebner. Nikki Hahn co-starred in the Disney Channel movie, Adventures In Babysitting. She also appeared in the horror film The Remains.


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