Julian Ferro


Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 9¾" (1.77 m)


Julian Ferro is an actor from Italy.

From the age of six, Julian fell in love with acting. He pursued his acting career with the guidance of his father, Puhl David who directed him in his first feature film Nick Story (2000).

Ferro also appeared in When Children Play In The Sky (2003) which was filmed between Greenland Iceland. He was also the part of Oscar film nominated film Don’t Tell (2005) and other interesting productions.

Some other of his acting credits include Eravamo solo mille (2007), The Aeronauts, Vanity Fair, Nero Wolfe, Judy and Someone you Thought You Knew.

Recently he appeared in James bond series film, No Time to Die and the Television show The Great.

Julian Ferro currently lives in London.


Trailers & Videos


No Time to Die


Trailer: The Aeronauts