• Karachi, Pakistan
  • Female
  • Pakistani

Farida Shabbir


Farida Shabbir is a name that shot to fame during the 1990s when the drama 'Pas-e-Aaina' went on air.

Farida played a supporting role in the police drama series which starred Rubina Ashraf in the lead role.

The drama not only gained recognition among the audiences but was also appreciated for the strong performances given by the cast members.

From here onwards, Farida became a regularly appearing actress on television.

Married to small screen stalwart Shabbir Jan, Fareeda has played pivotal roles in a number of dramas throughout her career.

Pakistan Television (PTV), her dramas 'Moam', 'Rehnay Do' and 'Phir Youn Love Hua' were aired and were duly appreciated for the performances of their cast members among which Fareeda was one of the most prominent actors.

On private channels, she has worked in the dramas 'Bubbly Ghar Se Kyun Bhaagi' (Geo TV), 'Koi Aur Hai' (Geo TV) and 'Teray Milnay Ko' (ATV).


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