• ‎October 14, 1988
  • United States
  • Male
  • American

Basel Daoud


The biography of Basel Daoud is an actor, radio announcer, musician. He was born and raised in Kuwait and he left with his family to Cairo, Egypt from Kuwait, in the first invasion of Saddam Hussein, which led to the first Gulf War. Basel was studying engineering. The engineering department at the university in Cairo was in the same building as the theatre department, and the theatre department’s directing class needed volunteers to act in their scenes. After his graduation, one of his colleagues in the cast got a gig, directing the dubbing for Paramount and Disney. He offered him the role, like “do you want to just come to do a voice” and he considered this a career path he wants to pursue. Basel expresses his views about this first experience: “I’m having fun and they pay me for it.” This was in Egypt, and he had already thought about going to Canada to settle permanently. Some of his acting credits include Designated Survivor, Private Eyes, Wayne, Clown Killer, and My Spy


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