Batman Movie Robert Pattinson reveals he wanted to play the Caped Crusader long before he was cast in The Batman. At first set to be coordinated by and featuring Ben Affleck the Warner Bros. furthermore, DC venture has experienced a few cycles until Matt Reeves’ marked on as executive and picked Pattinson as the following Bruce Wayne. Yet, while the street to finding the following cycle of the notorious hero was a wild one, the 33-year-old entertainer shares that he’s had his eyes set on the job for quite a while.

Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, however it was his job in the Twilight film arrangement as Edward Cullen that shot him in the standard prevalence. While the films were film industry hits, they were basic bombs. Luckily, the entertainer skiped back with a string of littler, however profoundly commended undertakings, for example, Good Time and The Lost City of Z, demonstrating his acting reach and ability. As he experienced this procedure Pattinson consistently trusted he would end up putting on the cape and cowl something that will at long last work out as expected gratitude to The Batman.

Robert Pattinson Batman

As of now Pattinson is the only actor to officially join the cast of The Batman. Many supervillains like the Joker Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, and Two-Face have all been rumored to appear in the movie as the Dark Knight’s adversaries, but nothing has been confirmed. Certainly if The Batman is a big success, we could be seeing many of them showing up in the inevitable sequels. Pattinson hasn’t yet committed to any potential follow-up, commenting he’s only focused on “about four scenes” of the upcoming movie. Given that The Batman won’t release until 2021 sequel talks are certainly premature but they will inevitably happen if the movie decimates the box office.

We’ll all see how Pattinson does as the new Dark Knight when The Batman hits theaters on 25th June 2021. In the meantime, Pattinson also can be seen starring alongside Willem Dafoe in the Robert Eggers movie The Lighthouse, which premieres in theaters on 18th October 2019.

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