Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021

Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Written Update Episode 359

Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 359 by Colors Tv. Read Online Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Episode Written Update on

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Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Written Update, let us view the promo of today’s episode. The action sequence in the promo video will help you to get a clear picture of the episode for today. Watch the Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Episode Promo here and put an end to your assumptions and anxiety regarding the Barrister Babu Today Written Update.

Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 359

Barrister Babu Today Upcoming Story: Chandrachur Shoots Anirudh

Bondita witnesses a ghastly nightmare right before her wedding and gets cold feet. As Anirudh rushes to placate her, she brokenly shares her fears with him. What is Bondita afraid of? Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Written Update is given below Reading.

Today’s Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021 Episode Start With Kali asks Laboni to spend the night with her friends, and then she will spend the night with her husband. Bondita said I have a lot of jobs. Kali said that I can tell you some love stories and tell me what keeps couples together in marriage. Everyone said to take care of their husbands.

Bondita said her love. Kali said that we call the marriage of the bride and groom Suhaagraat, do you know what will happen? Anirud looked. Bondita said that her husband picked up the bride’s ghunghat, she drank milk, the bracelet broke, and the bed broke. The ladies laughed. Kali said that he will approach you and you will think about how you will express your feelings. This is suhaagraat.

Bondita asked what was the next step. Kali says you will be shy if he gets close. Bondita said I would be nervous. Kali said that he will also be nervous, he will become a poet in love, you let him fall in love, you let him fall in love, do you understand the boyfriend’s requirements for his girlfriend? Bondita said kiss.

Carly asked what it was. Bondita said you said that this is called a kiss in English. Carly asked how you knew. Bondita said I heard it while working at a British officer’s house. Kali laughed and said that you have eaten Rasgulla, I think this kiss has the same soft feeling. Bundita smiled and ran away. Anirud smiled. Laboni let Chandrachur rest, and she would give him anything if he wanted to. she goes.

Chandrachur said what I wanted, and I lost it. His mother scolded him. He said I don’t care about any other relationships, I just want to own Bundita. Anirud stops Bundy Tower. She asked what happened. He didn’t say anything, I just came to tell you, I know what a kiss is, if you want, I can explain it to you. She said no, I don’t want to understand. He asked me if I like him. Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021

She said no. He asked if it was. She said that’s not the case, I’m going, and everyone will see it. He said that no one will see, everyone is sleeping. She said yes, but… he said that tomorrow we will get married. I will be your husband and you will be my wife. I have the right to express my love. He said you have the right, but it is not without my wish, you must understand my no and respect it. He held her face and said that I am proud of her.

Unless you agree, I also think that nothing should happen without the consent of my wife, otherwise it is torture. I will not touch you until you want me. I would say This is my right, I will take anything from you, but yes, no one except me will lead you to the path of love. She smiled and said baristra babu, this is mine, yes, you have the right to control me, my soul, my breath, you have the right to touch my heart, you have the right to read the unspoken words on my lips. He kissed her forehead.

They hug. Rishta Tera mere … play … Sampoorna watches the preparation work at home. Trilochan said about their marriage preparations, and pandit said that those who get married today will be contacted by birth. She asked Anirudh and Bondita if this would happen. He said no, I won’t let this happen, my dear one is getting married. Believe that I will attack in a way that you will tell me about Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh blindfolded Bondita and let her stay there. He bought a saree for her and said it was worth Rs. 3.

I bought it with my salary today. It is very beautiful. The jewelry I made by myself is also paid for. He said that this is the most beautiful saree in the world, and I will not give these jewels instead of diamonds. He really asked, then you will be my girlfriend in this suit, and I will be your Pati babu. He gave her a rose. They hug and enter the curtains. Everyone comes to turn on the lights.

The lady asked, don’t you feel ashamed to be with the guy at night? They all said it was wrong; Bundita said that I did nothing wrong and that I was with him because I love him. The lady said that we did not hear any worthy girl talking like this. Anirudh screamed enough, no one would tell him anything, we love each other, yes, we love each other, but love is not a crime, love is worship, you are here to bless a couple’s good life, why, yes Yes, I think love is a crime, why are you here?

Women say that love after marriage is pure, and love before marriage is shameful. They all said yes, yes. Chandrachur heard noise. Kali said that love is love. There is no right or wrong in love. No one will accuse love. When they love each other, what’s the problem. Bondita said that we love each other, but our family wants us to separate. Chandrachu came to have a look. Cali asked if they all fled the house. Anirud said yes.

They all said it was a sin. Kali said you won my heart, her courage, love is a storm, no one can control it, if it gets out of control, the storm will be destroyed, so after Laboni gets married, I will let them get married in the same mandap. Anirudh and Bondita smiled.

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