Baaji Movie Boxoffice Collections Two Weeks Pakistan 2019

Baaji has become first Pakistani film of 2019 to hit 30 million mark in second week. There is no major hold in this week and film should cruise past atleast 90 million mark befroe end of Week three.

Saqib Malik directed Baaji has concluded its second week on a very strong note. Starring Meera, Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ali Kazmi, Baaji has held exceedingly well in its opening. The film had delivered a pretty decent first week of PKR 45 million and now hold in second Week is very strong.


As per estimates, Baaji has roped in PKR 30 million in its second week taking two weeks total around PKR 75 million. The film’s fall in second week is mere 33% which is an excellent result and Baaji has registered biggest second Weekend of 2019 beating both Wrong No 2 and SherDil.

Below is Baaji’s estimated boxoffice breakdown till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 45 million
Week Two.. 30 million
Total.. 75 million

Looking at the trend in week two, Baaji will comfortably cross 100 million mark at the domestic market before the end of its run.

Meera to Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt to Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi to Nayyar Ejaz, Nisho Begum To Aamir Qureshi, every actor gets a chance to prove their worth. The casting is perfect as no one else could have complimented Meera than Amna Ilyas; they both look like different sides of one coin. Mohsin Abbas Haider has a limited presence but he sets the screen on fire with his abs; as does Nayyar Ejaz with his baritone vocals. Ali Kazmi finally gets a role that suits him while Nisho Begum’s return to the screen is a throwback to her era, the 1970s.

Like all films from Pakistan, this one has its share of inconsistencies but does that make Baaji a bad film? No. It would have been better had the first half been trimmed and the climax extended to make it more interesting. And not accepting a huge twist at the climax is not the director’s fault but the viewers who should be ready for everything. Yes, in some places, they made simple mistakes but after watching the film, you can forget these instances easily.

Watch Baaji for Meera’s brilliance, Amna Ilyas’s hotness, Osman Khalid Butt’s diversity, Ali Kazmi’s anger, and Mohsin Abbas Haider’s abs. Director Saqib Malik makes his film entry grand by using the film industry like a pro. Irfan Ahmed Urfi’s script could have been better but the visuals compensate for that. The film is also Meera’s biggest break since Khilona. The way she has acted in the film shows that she is a director’s actress. On the other hand, Amna Ilyas carries the film as the protagonist and has a bright future ahead.

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