Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar set up a private Instagram account

Ayesha Omar Pakistani actor host and VJ has had enough of the negativity in her life! She has decided to make a separate Instagram account to avoid trolls and hate.

Omar was on a vacation to Ibiza, Spain where she was seen having some fun. However, people go a bit too far in trolling celebrities who post what they consider ‘bold’ pictures and videos.

After receiving a lot of hate, Omar decided to delete all her stories with DJs and music and address the trolls.

“So I’ve deleted all my stories The ones with all the DJ’s and music,” she said in an Instagram Story.

“Thanks to all your hate, I’ll be making a private Instagram account very soon and that’s where I’ll share those with my friends and family. Should’ve done it sooner actually. Don’t need none of them negative vibes in my life,” she wrote.

Ayesha Omer

After the celebrity made the announcement, fans and friends flooded her with support and love, asking Ayesha Omar not to stop posting her vacation stories.

“Friends have been replying all day to my story post about not posting vacation stories. My DM is full of loving supportive messages. But I Just went through a few messages from fans in my other DM folder. There are thousands and thousands of messages sending so much love and support and asking me to not stop posting my travel videos, (especially the ones with music),” she said.

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