Avengers Endgame deleted scene has fans in tears and many wish it made the final cut

Avengers Endgame marvel has yet another treat for all its fans makers of finally unveiled the deleted scenes that became part of its re-release.

While the blockbuster hit film had clocked in exactly three hours previously, the addition of the deleted scenes made it the longest mainstream superhero film ever made and fans can finally view the additional scenes on YouTube.

The Russo Brother-directorial includes six deleted scenes including a final tribute to Tony Stark aka Iron Man by all the Avengers.

Of the six scenes, the first involves the power couple of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts enjoying a light moment together in the kitchen and sharing chuckles over Tony’s pet alpaca.

The second shows Captain America and Rhodey speaking about the Tesseract as Steve Rogers gives a brief history of the Cosmic Cube, looking back at the events of the first ever ‘Captain America’ film.

Avanger Endgame

The next scene follows Thor and Rocket in Asgard as he can be seen getting distracted while Rocket tries to get him to focus. “You used to frickin’ live here,” says Rocket. Just for 1500 years not forever replies Thor.

Another take that wasn’t included was Tony speaking to his father Howard and the latter offering him a job to which the former replies: Oh I’m a bit tied up in the future.

The last deleted scene is perhaps the most emotional one as well as it shows the Avengers taking a knee after the death of Tony Stark who sacrificed his life to defeat Thanes.


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