Anupama 2 July 2021

Anupama 2 July 2021 Written Update: Kinjal realized his mistake and apologized to Anupama

Anupama 2 July 2021 Written Update Episode 304, Watch Online Anupama 2 July 2021 Written Episode Update Read on

Read Online Anupama 2 July 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Starplus Indian Drama Serial  Anupama Complete Show Full All Episodes Watches on StarPlus Youtube Channel, Written Update of Anupama 2 July 2021 Full Episode 304 Watch Online Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform.

Anupama had to sacrifice a lot to become an ideal wife, daughter-in-law, and mother. After a bitter realization, she sets out to live on her own terms. Anupama is a StarPlus Hindi TV serial. Subscribe now to watch Anupama TV show full episodes online in HD quality on Hotstar US.

Anupama 2 July 2021 Today Written Update Episode 304

Today Anupama 2 July 2021 episode starts with Anu hurriedly prepared breakfast early in the morning. Kinjal walked into the kitchen hesitantly and saw that Anu had done all the work alone. Anu handed him coffee. Kinjal said that she completed all the work, became great/mahaan and proved to be bad.

Anu said that Kinjal is too good to be bad. She is not only doing housework but also doing office work; she is bad in my eyes, just like her beauty is bad in everyone’s eyes; she has an It doesn’t matter if you lose a small job, but Kinjal has a company job and a brilliant career.

If you lose all of her studies and work, you will be wasted; she is his daughter, just like Sweetheart is angry with her, so can he Be angry with her, at least tell her that she can’t do it, but she strives to be great; every time you are in a bad mood, you should finish the coffee and fight with her, but you should never think that you don’t love her, or that you love He is less than his own children; his love for her will never diminish, because her mother knows how to be angry and scolding, but not for long.

Kinjal is thinking. After Anu left, Kaya walked in and said that Anu was so predictable and tried to prove that they were wrong, she didn’t care if Geeta quit her job, because Anu is now her new maid, and the new maid cannot tolerate your friendship. Kinjal said that Anu is a mummy and not a maid. This is her problem.

Kavya said that she should not fall in love with Anu’s sweet words. Kinjal said that she would not be fooled by anyone’s rude remarks. Her reaction was overwhelmingly frustrating. She was upset with her mother because of some troubles, but she could stand up for herself without Kavya’s support. Kavya thought that what Anu gave her early in the morning suddenly changed.

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