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Aisay Nahi Chalega with Fiza Akbar Khan Bol News 16th June 2020 Pakistani talk Shows Watches Video YouTube.

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Fiza Akbar Khan Senior Anchorperson Her brave and daring style of news analysis has earned her a coveted spot in the Pakistan news’ modern era. Starting her career as a news anchor, Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan was part of Dunya News.

Her boldness earned her the first show as a host and she quickly touched the skies of popularity through Samaa Metro Show.

Her audacious speaking was recognizable at a glance as she provided her services as program host and journalist to major News Channel of Pakistan such as Express, PTV, News One, and many more.

She instantly got the biggest show of the channel as soon as she joined BOL News.

Now she is known as the courageous and fearless anchorperson in Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga where she not only questions harmful stereotypes but questions the very foundations of the systems that take advantage of the weak.

Currently she is the host of BOL News Program Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga

Aisya Nahi Chalega with Fiza Akbar Khan Full Episode 16th June 2020 China invaded Ladakh

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